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The Chartered Certified Accountant with a difference

Understanding Mark!

My warped sense of humor


I have a very dry sense of humor which has until 31 March 2018 only been experienced by close friends and family.

Sarcasm has kept me sane for the previous 50 years!  Always look me in the eyes as they never lie!

Flag-ology (my word)


I am very patriotic and I am mortally offended by our flag being flown upside down.  So here is the question!

Is the picture above showing a correctly flown flag or is it a distress signal?

The answer is.................... It is a distress signal.  

This is how you work it out - it is all about the flag pole!  The white border on the left of the flag is where it will attach to the flag pole.  The wide white diagonal held by the person on the right of the picture should be at the top of the flag.  If both people in the picutre lower their left hands and raise their right hands then the flag will be correctly flown!  As the Prime Minster says - SIMPLES!

Litter and dog excrament

Yes I really hate it.  I have a dog and I get so angry at other dog owners who do not pickup the ****.

Also........ litter belongs in a bin, not on the streets or countryside!!!!!


The Running Accountant always has a poo bag and rubbish bag to hand to help the environment that we all iive in.

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